Monday, January 23, 2006

It's All About the Baby Clothes

So quick, so easy, so much instant gratification. I also find that, because they are so small, I take the time to do all the detaily stuff I should do on all my garments (but I'm too lazy to do). So a baby romper is fully lined, a baby dress bodice is lined, hem tape is sewn over all exposed edges, all raw edges are sewn over. And because Ellen was such a doll and took photos at last Thursday's SnB, I give you actual pictures of my latest obsession:

The wavy lines started to make my eyes cross while I was sewing, but I really like this dress anyway. I think the little black bows on the front really make it. I just picture Baby Maggie wearing this dress over a little white turtleneck or a cute t-shirt with a Peter Pan collar.

I love, love, love this fabric. It was a Michael Levine Loft purchase, and even though there was only about 1 yard give or take, I had originally hoped to pair it with some white cotton to make myself a peasant top. But I never got around to it, and when I was searching for some fabric for baby stuff, I realised how fantastic it would be. I think the pattern is really unexpected for a baby given the large scale and the colors (white, brown & baby blue), but I still think it's delicately feminine.

I love pink as much as the next girl, but I'll bet that as a mother of a baby girl, you probably get sick of pink really quickly. And let's admit it, a baby gift is really a gift for the parents, because that baby is
barely able to grasp the concept that her fingers are a part of herself, much less appreciate the time and effort that goes into a hand-made gift.

We'll see how long I'm obsessed with the baby clothes. For now, I'm enjoying the whole instant gratification thing.


Catherine_G said...

So deliciously cute! I love me the paisley outfit.

mel said...

That paisley is fabulous!

shannita said...

so cute. you are quite the excellent seamstress!