Thursday, September 28, 2006

actual photos of my projects

Yes, I have been busy. It has helped me immensely to have something tangible to focus on. Here are a couple of my actual photos, as opposed to the idealized photos from patterns.

This is the raglan sleeve sweater from the Fall 05 Knitscene. So easy, and it will be perfect comfy sweater for when it cools down here. The sleeves are a little too long (I forgot to take into account the fact that my row gauge was bigger than the pattern called for), but I figure that just adds to the comfy factorn (they are just long enough to reach the tips of my fingers, not clownishly long).

This is the Teva Durham ballet tee (the version with sleeves from Interweave Knits). Please note that this photo was taken late at a night, right after I finished the sweater. I added a crocheted picot edge to the bottom to keep it from rolling (also, I'm long-waisted, and the pattern ended right at my waist - not a good look).

And this is a purse of my own design (it's not lopsided, I promise - just not pulled up even in the photo). It's an off-white velvet with a navy lace panel. I liked the velvet purses shown in the current issue of In Style, and decided I needed one right now, so I made this Tuesday night. I just lined it in muslin, since all the lining fabrics I have are insanely slipperly, and take care not to end up all bunchy. I needed instant gratification.

So, not all my completed projects by a long shot, but a couple.