Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Innocuous Knitting Post

Ok, time for some fluffy knitting/crochet-related posting. On Friday, Rich & I attended Stitch n' Stitches, an event organized by the fabulous Allison (she of Supercrafty! fame) at the UCLA vs. Stanford hockey game. It was a really good game, with UCLA winning in overtime, and Richard enjoyed himself, even if his inner Trojan was crying. It was a fun night out, and we got to see Peggy, Faith, Julia, Teresa, Allison and her son Evan, who is absolutely adorable. Allison let me hold Evan for a while and it felt really nice. It was the first time I'd held a baby since Eliza, and it felt wonderful.

In the above photo, I'm working on a crocheted hat, the Stitch Diva Gatsby Cloche. I decided that since it's about 40 degrees up in Tahoe, a hat would probably be a useful thing to have. So I broke out the RYC Cashsoft that Mel & Grant gave me for my birthday and got to work. It's soft, but not too warm. It may work better as a springtime in LA hat than a winter in Tahoe hat.

So, in an attempt to have a warmer head, I started Calorimetry. I had seen Peggy's super cute version on Friday, and decided to use a skein of 1824 Wool that Allison had included in my Stitch n' Stiches gift bag. Unfortuneatly, I guess my gauge was off and it ended up too big. I have a big head (no, seriously, I took a millinery class, and my 24" head is a whopper), but my Calorimetry looks like it's supersized. I can still make it work, but I'm not sure I want to. Eh, live and learn. It took about a day, so I'm not too broken up about it.

I also made a knit hat for Richard, just a simple 2x2 ribbed hat in varying stripes of brown and green, but I have yet to get a photo of him in it. I'm also sort of working on my first sock, but I'm just not very motivated. I just don't wear socks, unless it's really cold. I live in LA -- it's cold for maybe 2-3 months, and even that's pushing it. So I may need to find another instant gratification project. Any suggestions?

No knitting could be cuter than this.