Wednesday, March 21, 2007

and the color of the pumpkin is...


Pumpkin is officially a girl, no doubt about it. She is also extremely active, to the point that the tech, who sees hundreds of babies, commented on how squirmy she was. Pumpkin is very nearly perfect. She's growing well, and the only thing the doctor wants to watch is her kidneys (he says that due to the fact that some of the valves aren't fully formed, she's having some reflux. But in 85% of babies with this condition, the issue corrects itself before birth, so it's just something to watch for now).

Pumpkin also officially has a name, Vivian Bliss Manfredi. Baby Viv's middle name is the same as my grandfather's, just as Eliza's middle name was Pearl, after Rich's grandmother.

Rich & I are both thrilled to see how well Pumpkin is growing, and can't wait to meet her this summer.