Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Crochet Fame!

The new issue of Crochet Me is up (it was probably up yesterday, but I've been in work-induced fog and forgot to look), and included is my sister's Hippy Vest Pattern! I'm so proud!

Enough about her -- this post is really about how this is all reflected glory for me. If you notice, she mentions me briefly in the "about Jennifer" section: "My older sister taught me when I was bored on a Super-Bowl Sunday and I’ve been “hooked” ever since." That's me! I'm the older sister! (and, btw, the somewhat flowery description of the vest at the top is me, too. Jenny called me for help while I was at the WeHo SnB and I'd had a glass of wine or two.) Ooh, and I took the picture of her in the "About Jennifer" section -- in Nashville on our tour of Tennessee last year.

Ok, this really isn't all about me. I'm really very proud of Jenny. She has taken something I've talked about for a long time and she's actually done it -- she has written her own patterns and she's gotten them published. And she's inspired me to actually do some of the things I've talked about. The article I'm writing for the next issue of Crochet Me would never have happened if not for Jenny (ok, so she prefers Jennifer, but I'm family and I've been calling her Jenny since she was born, so I think I get grandfathered in). So a big congratulations go out to Jenny. I knew she could do it!

slightly controlled chaos

Every time I sit down to write a post, something comes up, so I'll make this brief so as not to tempt fate. Work has been crazy busy: I'm preparing three grant proposals that are due on Friday, I had to "volunteer" to help registration at our Valley Branch's golf tournament yesterday morning. At 7:30 a.m. In Thousand Oaks. I live in the Hollywood/Miracle Mile area. I was up much earlier than I am used to and I was wiped for the rest of the day. We're in the middle of our camp media push (it's the 20th anniversary of our camp for kids, so it's a big deal) and I'm fielding a lot of reporter phone calls -- which is a good thing, but it's just keeping me on my toes.

So blogging hasn't exactly been a top priority. AND, I can't find my camera, so no photos. Which sucks, because I've finished a couple of key projects lately.

First, for the Seattle wedding of our friends Ryan & Sara: A few weeks ago I posted that I was going to make the horrid vintage ski masks. Well, I didn't, primarily because I'm not a terribly fast knitter and because Rich wanted me to do a crochet project so that he could help (he relearned how to crochet and actually did crochet a few rows, so that the project was legitimately from the both of us). So instead, I chose possibly the ugliest pattern in the world: a 3' tall crochet and fringe wall hanging of an owl. It is truly hideous, and luckily, Ellen & Faith managed to snap photos at last week's WeHo SnB, so maybe I can track those down. We presented the owl on Sunday at the post-wedding brunch and it was a hit. I think it was truly appreciated in the spirit with which it was made -- hi, we created this truly horrific thing for you because we love you. Hope you enjoy it!

Second, during our evil and seemingly never-ending airport experience on Sunday while we were attempting to get back to LA, I finished the mock denim vest from Candi Jensen's "Candy Babies" book. I used a hand-dyed cotton chenille in yellow, beige,brown & green (kind of looks camoflage now), and I trimmed the edges in a fluffy beige GGH yarn (can't remember which one -- I should probably figure that out). It's very cute and it's for Rich's best friend's baby boy who is due next month. All these preganant friends and new babies are starting to give me the baby itch. It's not super strong yet, just a gentle tickle, but I have a feeling these things only get stronger. Hmm. It's probably good for me to lay off the baby stuff for a while, so now I'm working on the mohair pullover sweater with deep cowl neckline from the Winter 2005 Interweave Knits. I've always loved working with mohair in August...