Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweater girl

Ok, enough with the depressing news. Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed your support—I appreciate it more than you can know. But let's have some cuteness to occupy our attention right now!

As a dual crafter (ie, someone who both knits and crochets—I'm not including sewing and quilting in this post), I like to vary my projects between them. But this Christmas, my crafting seemed heavily slanted towards knitting (probably because both of my sisters also crochet, but I'm the only knitter, so it makes my gifts different). And I just got a hankering for some crochet—something fast, but not mindless.

Crochet just makes sense to me. For whatever reason, I find it to be incredibly visual and structural. For this reason, I'm more comfortable monkeying around with crochet patterns than I am with knit one. Because I wanted something fast, I decided to crochet a sweater for Vivian.

I decided to resize Robyn Chachula's Ashlar sweater for Viv (and add sleeves). Here is the photo of the original design:

And here is Vivian in my version:I wish I had been able to add three buttons, as it would have been more balanced, but the buttons are vintage, so I can't just run to JoAnns. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't do as many increases in the bottom colored row, but I didn't realize that there were too many until the body was already done.

She looks adorable in it, of course. And seeing Viv run around in her new swinging sweater is just the pick me up that I need!