Wednesday, November 09, 2005

take that, Govahnatoh!

Hurrah! Arnold's propositions went down in flames! I've been doing the happy dance all morning, once it was confirmed that all the props went down. It was touch and go on the parental notification of a teen's abortion proposition and the one that would have made public unions get permission each and every year from members to use dues for political contributions.

Maybe now Arnold will actually have to govern from the middle (like he promised to do when he was elected) rather than pander to the right. Maybe he'll actually have to make compromises with the legislature, rather than just "take it to the people." You know what? The people elected the legislature. They are our representatives. Deal with them, rather than taking every little issue back to us. Nobody wanted this election, Arnie, besides you and your special interest financial backers. So guess what? You just caused the state to waste $50 million on an election in which you got bitch-slapped. And you're complaining that the state spends $1.10 for every $1 it brings in? Maybe if you would do your job, and negotiate in good faith, you and the legislature would be able to fix things.

P.S. Arnie, good luck in your upcoming negotiations with the public employee unions (police, nurses, etc.). You know, those same groups you accused of highjacking the political process? Yeah, have fun with that. I'm sure they'll just forgive and forget how you smeared them and called them ugly names.

P.S.S. Sometimes, every once in a while, it feels good to be a Democrat and have the joy of winning. I haven't had the opportunity to feel this way in a while, and I'm sure it won't last (Phil Angelides and Steve Westley, really? Is that the best we can do?), but I'll just enjoy it while it does.