Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Baby Blahs

I feel icky.

I've been feeling icky for a good portion of the day, actually. I helped my intern organize a HUGE stash of work videos (b-roll betas, VHS copies, some 3/4" tapes, etc.), and I lifted some big boxes, which didn't feel too heavy at the time, but that, plus standing for 1 hour+ in not the most supportive shoes, and a stuffy office made me feel dizzy. I sat down for a bit, had some yogurt and water, and felt better, but not 100%. I finished with the videos (no more lifting, though. That's what interns are for, even if they're cute little Asian girls), and sat at my desk to play some solitaire for the rest of the afternoon.

I felt good enough to go to SnB, and was ravenous, so I went to the Brazilian place, which is fabulous, but also really, really filling. I didn't realize how stuffed + bloated I was until I got up to leave and touched my stomach (which felt really tight) and almost puked in the parking lot at the Farmer's Market.

What have I learned from this experience?
1. Take it easy. If people want to act concerned, let them. Take advantage of the next few months, because after that, most people will not care if you feel icky.
2. Eat more frequently. And eat smaller meals. I was doing well with that during the first 14 weeks when my morning sickness was pervasive. I had to eat small things all the time just so I didn't puke. But now that the nausea is mostly gone (except for the mornings), I've fallen back on my habit of 2-3 large meals, which certainly is not good, given that I have heartburn and gas anyways, and large meals only make it worse.
3. Wear more supportive shoes. It's only going to get worse from here, so be prepared.

Speaking of be prepared, Annika is in labor right now! And a good friend who is also pregnant just found out she's having a boy! So much pregnancy activity right now. You'd think I'd be feeling more excited about my own, but right now, I'm feeling very blah. I've made 1 baby booty (which was supposed to be for 3-6 months, but my gauge was off, so it's more for a 1-2 year old), and I've done about 2-3 inches on a knit baby hat. That's it.

And I have no motivation to do any more. Maybe it will change when I find out if it's a boy or girl, but maybe not. So I'm moving my crafty mojo back to me. I've always been happier crafting things for me than for gifts for other people, maybe just because I know I'll appreciate it. So for whatever reason, I'm happy making another crocheted shrug from my favorite vintage pattern. I have a few months left to get excited about crafting for Figgy. And I only have a few months left to be selfish. So I'm going to take advantage of the time I have.