Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just be yourself

Well, I'm still here. I survived. The day I had been dreading for the last 3 months, Eliza's due date, came and went. And I survived. It was sad, and we cried, but we got through it. I really thought that I would want to just burrow into my couch and knit, but I realized that I needed to get out and do something, anything. So we went out for tacos (our latest obsession is following the Great Taco Hunt) and then hit a couple of Goodwills. Rich picked up some old school Nintendo games and I found some fabulous amber-colored glasses and an avocado green pyrex casserole dish (for the ongoing 70s kitchen). It felt good. Not that we weren't thinking of Eliza, and her place in our lives, and what we lost when she died, but it felt right to just be ourselves.

So, we're still here. I took yesterday off just to have to myself and I had a really good day. I hit 7 thrift stores in one afternoon, and scored some vintage Mikasa dessert plates and a pottery wine decanter (?) and 4 matching cups. Not only are we hosting Friends Thanksgiving next month, but it looks like we're also hosting Christmas for the first time, so I'll actually get a chance to use my 70s kitchenware.

I also went to the plant nursery and came home with two hanging Wandering Jews. The apartment seemed to be missing that homey element that plants can bring. Now we just have to see if I can keep them alive.

I was fairly crafty over the weekend, starting a new Christmas present, stringing 3 necklaces, and sewing a new purse:
It's a dark teal green corduroy, and a perfect crap bag (you know, a purse so big you can fit all your crap in it, i.e., lunch, sweaters, small cat, etc.). Another stash-buster!

And here I am, in my handmade item of the day, the Cable-Eight sweater in Rowan Cork:
Also, I just sent off my mom's birthday present, so once she gets it, I can post pictures. Tonight, Rich & I are going to Cues 2 Choose, a Planned Parenthood Young Professionals fundraiser. Play pool for choice! So, all in all, I guess we're just trying to keep going -- being ourselves and doing what we do. I guess we can't do any more.