Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm a big kid now!

This whole growing up thing, which, granted, I've been doing steadily for the last 30 years, seems to have accelerated this year. We moved to a larger apartment/4-plex (ok, so we haven't bought a house yet, but you try buying one in this real estate market, especially when you paid for an expensive private college education wit student loans), we got life insurance (and one of us kicking the bucket early is the only way we're buying a house in this real estate market), and, on Saturday, we bought... a washer & dryer.

And the crowd goes wild! (at least the crowd of apartment dwellers who have to hoard quarters to do their laundry) Yes, we bought a fabulous LG front-loading washer & dryer. Energy Star compliant, low decibel, stackable dreams, baby.

That's the washer, there on the left. The dryer looks pretty much the same. So just imagine two of those babies stacked together, in my ... utility room (yes, ladies & gentlemen, I have a utility room. I'm not only grown up, I'm verging on mid-life).

They haven't been delivered yet, but, come this Saturday, I'm a laundry-doing fiend! I can't wait.