Monday, February 13, 2006

We Got One!!!!

Ok, so do you remember the movie Ghostbusters, when Annie Potts screams "we got ONE!!!" and it leads to a Ray Parker, Jr. music montage with the Ghostbusters running around New York City? No? Well, it's not important, other than to say that I felt like Annie Potts Saturday afternoon when I got the call that we had finally got one -- an apartment. Yes, after months and months of searching (since October, really), Rich and I signed a lease on an adorable ground-floor unit in a four-plex. Two bedrooms, hardwood (laminate) floors, formal dining room, W/D hookups, celing fans, etc. Hurrah! I feel like I'm finally moving forward. And, I'm moving even closer to the office. Currently, I'm about 1 1/2 miles from work; after we move, I'll only be about 1 mile away.

On the crafty front, I'm feeling good. I actually finished the seraphina shawl! Truth be told, I'm not crazy about the finished product, only because in a misguided attempt to "spice it up," I added this eyelash carry-along yarn on a couple of rows at the bottom. I hate eyelash yarn. I'm not sure what made me add it. It was such a pain in the ass to crochet with, and now I'm thinking I may try to *delicately* cut it out. But it's done, and if nothing else, it will serve as the obligitory office "keep me from freezing in the over-air-conditioned place" cover-up.

Also, I feel like I've overcome a huge mind-block: this weekend, I actually used DPNs. I've fought the DPN intensely, avoiding anything too small to use a circular needle. But, I'm working on the child's sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (and yes, I know the authors had to completely rewrite the pattern because the one in the book had so many mistakes), and it calls for DPNs. I bit the bullet and on Saturday morning, as we happened to be in Burbank looking at apartments (before we got the glorious news), I stopped in at Unwind and picked up a pair. After some trial and error, I think I finally worked it out. I feel like I've finally accomplished my New Year's Resolution from 2005 that I made with Faith: to increase my skills and master cables, DPNs, and colorwork. Hurrah! I think that's success, even if it took me a bit longer than I anticipated.