Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween, all day long! And even though it's Monday, which is, in general, not a very good day, I'm happy because I'm in costume. Yes, at 10:28 a.m., sitting at my desk at work, I am wearing a black glittery witches dress, a demure black see-through bed jacket (to disguise cleavage that may be considered inappropriate for work) and a very tall witch hat. Here's a photo that Ellen took at Thursday's Stitch n Witch:Tonight, Rich & I have tickets to go see Gorey Stories at Sacred Fools Theater. Here's what Variety had to say about the play:

"Gorey Tales," [sic] a deliciously macabre assortment of tales, songs and limericks from the gothic outpourings of writer-illustrator Edward Gorey, cleverly compiled by scripter Stephen Currens, is given a sumptuous staging by helmer Pat Towne and Sacred Fools' nine-thesp ensemble. Gorey's jaundiced, neo-Victorian vision of sinister adults, persecuted waifs and malevolent creatures is abetted by the thematically perfect production design (Michael Franco), sets (Joel Daavid), costumes/masks (Ann Closs-Farley) and lights (Cricket Sloat), all in his trademark B&W and shades of gray.

A couple years back, we went to see their production of Dracula: A Musical Nightmare, and it was fantatsic, so I have high hopes for tonight.

On Saturday, Julia and a couple of her friends and I went to the Dia de los Muertos celebration at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. People make beautiful altars on some of the graves. Some of the altars are very personal, some are political. Some are traditional, while others incorporate very modern elements, such as the Jayne Mansfield altar, complete with movie screen, or the Johnny Ramone altar, which blasted "Blitzkrieg Bop" in the background. Highly recommended. More photos when mine come back from Snapfish (digital camera died, so I'm down to the old fashioned disposable ones).

weird moments in my life, part 1

Is it wrong to take my prenatal vitamins with a glass of red wine?

We're not actually trying yet; I'm just getting my body ready. But I don't plan on cutting out my wine intake until the last possible moment. So, is it wrong, or just weird?