Monday, July 11, 2005

guess who's back? back again!

Woo Hoo! The firewall gods must have (temporarily) smiled on me over the weekend, because I can once again view my own blog and other Blogger blogs! *knock on wood*

This means I will try to get my photos from Tahoe & other assorted craftiness up soon. Yay!

This weekend was very relaxing, other than some kitty worry (see below). Friday night we stayed in, ordering pizza and playing Scrabble (Richard won). Saturday, we lounged around and then headed out to Cinespia for a showing of "Sunset Boulevard." While we were lining up, who should be getting out of a car, laden with cupcakes and champagne? My good friend Peggy, who has been missing from SnB for months because of her classes at OTIS, which she is attending to become a pattern maker. So we hung out with Peggy, her boyfriend Rollo, and their friends. I worked on the Seraphina until the movie started, even though it was dark, because I was cold and wanted to finish one more row so I could keep the half-finished shawl on my shoulders. We made it through the movie with relatively few incidents with the red wine (Rich switched to beer early on because if he spilled it, it was less staining. I spilled a nice zinfandel on my white hoodie and the coner of the sleeping bag of the people next to us -- they seemed drunk and/or high, so they really didn't notice). Headed home and played Scrabble (I won!).

Sunday, I didn't leave the house at all. I decided to give seraphina a break, and instead of finishing one of the many WiPs, I started a new project -- the Japanese sunburst tank. The Japanese have great crochet patterns (maybe because, as Faith noted, they don't have the same class distinction between knitting and crochet as we do, i.e. crochet=Hillbilly Knitting!), but they use crochet thread and teeny hooks. I decided to use GGH Goa (big fat yarn) in chocolate brown and Blue Sky Organic Cotton in mustard yellow. In one day, I finished the whole front, of which I am very proud. Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

Now the kitty drama, as mentioned earlier. Over the past couple of years, Deano, our plus-size cat, has developed digestive and excretory issues. He had crystals in his urine, which prevented him from peeing, and he's had see-saw bowels: diarrhea and constipation. Over the weekend, we noticed that he is straining in the litterbox (not going or only making tiny turds) and that he is attempting to poop in strange areas (the hallway, the bathroom, our bedroom). These are all symptoms of both the crystals and the see-saw bowels. So we have a vet appointment this morning at 11:15 to get him check out. I'm hoping it's just a mild case of constipation that can be fixed with a shot and some mild medicine. Rich gets so worried anytime there is anything wrong with the cats. I try to be the calm one, because there is not sense in getting stressed out when there is nothing we can do, but it is hard because we love these guys so much and they depend on us for everything and they can't tell us when they don't feel good. I'll update later with the news from the vet.