Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shower photos

My baby shower on June 9 was awesome. Yes, I know it's now the 26th, and these photos are a tad late, but hey, better late than never, right? (All photos are stolen from other people's Flickr streams, because I was to busy opening gifts to take photos!) These are two of the dresses my little sister Teresa made for Vivian. They are full-on princess dresses, with a crinoline underneath and everything. Look at this fabulous USC hat, knit by Mel. The interlocking SC are perfect!Here are Carrie & Christa, who drove down with Elizabeth all the way from the Bay Area that morning just to celebrate the Baby Vi (and drink a few Bud Lites).

And here is the beautiful pumpkin-themed blanket that Catherine crocheted for Vivian. I love it, even if Catherine had to lie to me that she didn't know how to crochet... This is the beautiful felted diaper bag made by my sister Jenny. It's gorgeous, and even lined with a waterproof (pee-proof) liner! This is the most awesome mobile ever -- an Awesome Helicopter Ninja mobile, complete with hanging ninja stars, helicopters and glittery kickballs. Made by Kelley & Michael. Here's Baby Mark, passed out after a few too many... sucks of milk. And here is Vivian's very own Hobbes, crocheted with loving care by Jenny. What kid doesn't need a Hobbes?

And, yes, an oh so flattering photo of me and my belly (which has the Baby Vi inside, so I guess it's beautiful).

All of our friends have been so generous and wonderful. I can't list everyone and all their gifts, but please know that they are are very much appreciated.