Monday, November 07, 2005

everybody hurts, sometimes

And now I hurt, more specifically, my neck hurts. Yes, I legitimately have a pain in my neck. I was sewing last night, and dropped a spool of thread behind my sewing cabinet. I got down on the floor and reached behind the cabinet, twisting my neck in the process, and it hurts like a mo-fo. I put a Thermacare wrap on it and slept with it on last night, and it's better this morning, but it's still not good. So while I'm looking cute in my new yellow top that I finished last night, I'm stiffly walking around like Frankenstein's monster. ME NEED DR-UUU-GG-SSS NN-OOO-WW.

I had my mom, stepdad & sister down this weekend to see the King Tut exhibit. It was good, but very crowded and there were only 50 pieces in the whole show. I saw way more Egyptian artifacts at the Met in New York and the Vatican Museums in Rome (Vatican City really, but come on...) So it was worthwhile, but not earth-shattering.

The other big news from this weekend is that we decided not to pursue the apartment we had been looking at in West Hollywood. It was really cute, in a great location, had a pool and exactly 1 floor down from my good friend, Faith. But it was at the top end of our price range, and didn't have absolutely everything we were looking for (no central air, no laundry in the unit, and biggest for me -- no private outdoor space). I don't know if we'll ever really find a place with everything we're looking for, but I just want to wait until it really feels right.