Monday, October 15, 2007


We survived. I went back to work, and both Viv and I survived. I probably had a harder time than she did. I did stop by at lunch to feed her, and she seemed happy and smiley to everyone (but me).

My first day back at work was ok. A lot of people are out at a 3-day meeting, so it was a bit slow, which was good. I can ease back in instead of being slammed. And it went faster than I expected, so all in all, about as good as I could have hoped for.

Several projects under way right now. I'm doing Juliet in Noro Blossom, the Back-to-School
Sweater Vest from Fitted Knits (in vintage wool I got at the PCC Flea Market) and a motif sweater for Vivian that is similar in basic construction to Annie Modesitt's Lacy Leaf Cocoon sweater. More details when I get a bit further on any of them.

And here is your gratuitous baby photo:
Isn't that a beautiful smile? I sure think so!