Monday, October 15, 2007


We survived. I went back to work, and both Viv and I survived. I probably had a harder time than she did. I did stop by at lunch to feed her, and she seemed happy and smiley to everyone (but me).

My first day back at work was ok. A lot of people are out at a 3-day meeting, so it was a bit slow, which was good. I can ease back in instead of being slammed. And it went faster than I expected, so all in all, about as good as I could have hoped for.

Several projects under way right now. I'm doing Juliet in Noro Blossom, the Back-to-School
Sweater Vest from Fitted Knits (in vintage wool I got at the PCC Flea Market) and a motif sweater for Vivian that is similar in basic construction to Annie Modesitt's Lacy Leaf Cocoon sweater. More details when I get a bit further on any of them.

And here is your gratuitous baby photo:
Isn't that a beautiful smile? I sure think so!


Ellen Bloom said...

Awww...Vivi looks so darling in her little jogging suit! Congrads on going back to work.

Faith said...

She is so adorable and hurrah for you! I'm glad it wasn't too too painful going back.


K8 said...

I'm glad to hear it wasn't too hard to go back. And Viv looks adorable ;)

Gwen said...

She is so freaking cute! And I'm glad going back to work wasn't too hard.