Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wake up, little Susie, wake up!

No, actually don't wake up. Instead, try sleeping. You know, at night, when it's dark. It's fun! All the hip kids are doing it. Come on, just for a few hours, you know, until dawn? It's now 3:30 a.m. and I am typing, instead of sleeping. Vivian isn't crying, per se, she's just "active awake," which can turn into crying in the blink of an eye (and has, at least a couple of times tonight). She's talking to herself, and fidgeting. She's also yawning, which is incredibly frustrating because she's obviously tired, but won't go to sleep.

I, on the other hand, would love to sleep. I've had insomnia the past couple of nights and even when she was sleeping, I wasn't. So now when I'm dead tired, she's wide awake.

On the bright side, she is really getting the hang of breastfeeding, which is a huge relief to me. How can a species survive when the act of feeding is so hard for so many babies? If I'm engorged, like first thing in the morning, she has a hard time latching on, but otherwise, she's a champ. And, at last, I don't feel like such a idiot that can't even figure out how to feed he
r baby.

I may end up going to sleep here on the couch, just so Vivian doesn't keep Richard up (since he has to go to work and all).

She's starting to fuss again, so I'll finish up here. I'll end with a cute baby photo to remind myself why this is all worth the exhaustion.

Vivian at a more restful time, wrapped in a beautiful blanket hand knit by Mel