Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bouncing off the satellites

Here at Chez Reeve-Manfredi, we grow 'em big. Deano & Doyle, our pair of kitties, are 22 lbs. and 14 lbs. respectively. Our turtle Nigella is possibly a descendant of Gamera. Neither Richard nor I are mere waifs either. And Baby Vi is getting ready to join this plus-size crew, at 3 lbs., 2 oz. (at only 28 weeks gestation).

But the reason I'm bouncing off the satellites is that she is just big by nature, and not as a result of gestational diabetes. I passed my 1-hour test!

When I got the news this morning, I literally had to close my office door so I could do a happy dance. I was so convinced that I would fail the test, and this would be one more thing about pregnancy that my body can't figure out how to do right. And since there is a link between GD and preeclampsia, I thought I was doomed. But with post-test sugar levels at 123, well under the cut-off of 140, I'm doing fine! Which means Vi is doing fine. Which means I can relax again.

Maybe once I can relax, I won't have the weird "oh no!" dreams. I had one last night. I dreamed I was dropping Richard off at kickball when someone asked if we'd had the baby yet. And I couldn't remember! And then it dawned on me, wait, we did have the baby, and I must have left her at daycare, and it's already 7 pm. Then I couldn't find the daycare's phone number or address. I went home and realized that the crib wasn't even set up, and I panicked. And then I woke up, panting and anxious. I guess the fact that she's really on her way is starting to sink in.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

what I know

Baby Vi will be making her debut sometime this summer. What we know now is that she will be coming out via c-section, rather than VBAC. This is not a surprise to Richard or I, although it seemed to be to our doctors.

We were told by the perinatalogist that delivered
Eliza that any subsequent pregnancies would be c-sections, because of the type of incision used in her delivery. Our current doctors, wonderful as they are, seem to only remember this information sporadically. Last week, at our ultrasound, our LA peri mentioned that even though Vi is breech right now, there is a good chance she'll turn so we could have a vaginal birth. Rich and I were so confused, that we didn't say anything. So when I went to my OB yesterday, I brought it up again. I told him that I just needed to know what we were planning. He proceeded to tell me that, as long as everything was going well, he didn't see why we couldn't try for a VBAC. At this point, I reminded him of my first delivery and the vertical incision. He hunted through my paperwork, and then said "Oh! You're right. You're definitely a c-section."

Now, I now that my doctors are very focused on keeping both me and Vi healthy, and they have a lot of patients, and they can't keep everything straight. So, I'm giving them a pass on this issue. But if I have to say it again, I'm going to get miffed.

So, again, what I know is that Vi will be delivered by c-section. The earliest our hospital will schedule a normal c-section (i.e., not needed early because of medical issues) is 39 weeks, 1 day. For Vi, that would be August 2. However, my OB has now stated that if there is the slightest issue, we'll go in around 38 weeks.

What else do we know? Well, Viv is not a small girl. In fact, she is very big, measuring 2 weeks ahead of where her doctors expect her to be. This could just mean that she's going to be a chubby baby. Or it could be a sign that I'm heading down the gestational diabetes road. Which I am not happy about. I had my 1-hour test yesterday and I get the results for that tomorrow. If I fail that test, I go in for a 3-hour test. I'm not feeling good about it, but we'll
cross that bridge when we get there.

What else do we know? Since we confirmed the c-section, we were able to sign up for a childbirth class specifically designed for a surgical birth. And since we signed up for that, we also signed up for our infant care class and breastfeeding class. It feels good to be taking these positive steps towards getting ready for Vi.

There's still a lot that we don't know, but I'm glad to hold on to those things we do know.

something else we know: she's awfully cute already!
Look at those chipmunk cheeks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I know it's been a while since I've posted, but believe me, work has been insane.

"Hi, I know we don't have a local annual report, but we promised a potential major donor that we could give her one next week. Can you create one?"

It's like my coworkers just realized that after June, I'm gone for 4 months, and they want to get everything they can out of me before I leave.

But we have another ultrasound tomorrow morning, so we get another glimpse at Baby Viv. She's been getting quite a workout lately, kicking, punching & pushing all over my abdomen. I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Redneck Woman

On Friday night, I looked for inspiration as I teased my hair and applied my blue eyeshadow.

And then it came to me:
"What Would Britney Do?"

Well, we all know that Britney would have walked barefoot into the gas station bathroom on her way to the White Trash Wedding. And while I couldn't bring myself to do that, I did buy my faux bouquet at CVS. Actually, I think my true inspiration was a cross between Britney and Joy from My Name is Earl.

Let me present, my white trash alter ego, Velma:
Please note that the Budweiser is a prop. All I drank was 7UP, I swear.

And here is Richard's inner redneck, Cletus:
His polyester jacket has pleather points on the pockets. His pig hat has a pipe cleaner tail on the back. He ironed his jeans, so there was a crease down the middle. And of course, the bolo tie. His only problem was that he was, if anything, too authentic. We've been to several casual weddings, and there have been quite a few uncles/cousins who thought that this outfit was the standard wedding uniform.

The majority of attendees of the party at the VFW Hall in Sun valley dressed up, w
hich was cool, although many confused "wedding" with "monster-truck rally." There were several faux-pregnant brides and attendees, but I think I was the only one who was, in fact, in a "delicate condition." There was a lot of dancing, which I did some of (only 1 or 2 dances before my feet & back protested), and a lot of drinking, which I did not do. But it was still a lot of fun. I love costumes and dressing up, so this party was perfect for me!

The happy couple!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

White Trash Wedding

No, this post is not a jab at any of my friends or relatives. I am just excited about Richard's kickball end-of-season party tomorrow night, where the theme is, you guessed it, "White Trash Wedding."

Normally, I would not be all that jazzed about going to a drinking party 6 1/2 months pregnant -- hello, designated driver. But "White Trash Wedding?" Hello, I'm already 6 1/2 months pregnant! How perfect can I be?

Richard and I have been scouring local and not-so-local Goodwills (Pacoima?) for the perfect outfits. I found a true gem. Think of a cheap version of the prom dresses at the end of Pretty in Pink (not Andie's though). It's apricot satin (My momma wouldn't let me wear no white dress on account of my condition.) that is scrunched and elasticized (hence actually fitting over my belly) down to the hips, where it has a flowy knee-length skirt. Oh, and shoulder pads! I just need to figure out a veil and I'll be set!

Richard drove all the way out to the Goodwill in Pacoima to find the perfect outfit. I don't want to spoil it, but let me just say it will involve a bolo tie.

Pictures will come next week. These are going to be good.