Monday, May 07, 2007

Redneck Woman

On Friday night, I looked for inspiration as I teased my hair and applied my blue eyeshadow.

And then it came to me:
"What Would Britney Do?"

Well, we all know that Britney would have walked barefoot into the gas station bathroom on her way to the White Trash Wedding. And while I couldn't bring myself to do that, I did buy my faux bouquet at CVS. Actually, I think my true inspiration was a cross between Britney and Joy from My Name is Earl.

Let me present, my white trash alter ego, Velma:
Please note that the Budweiser is a prop. All I drank was 7UP, I swear.

And here is Richard's inner redneck, Cletus:
His polyester jacket has pleather points on the pockets. His pig hat has a pipe cleaner tail on the back. He ironed his jeans, so there was a crease down the middle. And of course, the bolo tie. His only problem was that he was, if anything, too authentic. We've been to several casual weddings, and there have been quite a few uncles/cousins who thought that this outfit was the standard wedding uniform.

The majority of attendees of the party at the VFW Hall in Sun valley dressed up, w
hich was cool, although many confused "wedding" with "monster-truck rally." There were several faux-pregnant brides and attendees, but I think I was the only one who was, in fact, in a "delicate condition." There was a lot of dancing, which I did some of (only 1 or 2 dances before my feet & back protested), and a lot of drinking, which I did not do. But it was still a lot of fun. I love costumes and dressing up, so this party was perfect for me!

The happy couple!


Annika said...

You look so good! I mean -- you know. So bad it's good.

mel said...

You've popped - I so want to hug you right now and pat your bump! Your costume was fabulous, as all your costumes are. I swear, you are the dress-up goddess! :)

miss kendra said...

you look SOOOOOOOO cute.

Julia said...

Jeeze, I saw you a week ago and you TOTALLY popped since then! White trash couture (and pregnancy) looks great on you two. Very Britney and K-Fed.

Rock on Fresno!

Catherine said...

Best. Costumes. EVER. LOVE!

Craft Kitten said...

Wow, you guys look great!

Allison said...

You guys look fantastic! Standing in front of the alcohol warning for pregnant women was truly trash class!!

Teresa said...

wow! I'm pretty sure i have seen Cletus at a wedding or two in my day. =) morgen can't stop laughing at your picture. its amazing!
PS Pregnancy looks beautiful on you

ladylinoleum said...

You guys look awesome!

Hey, I need yer email addy. Please respond to me via ladylinoleum at hotmail dot com. Thanks girlie!

C said...

Fabulous! I'm taking inspiration from you - I'm required to wear my "Reno Finest" to a bachelorette pary next weekend.

Anonymous said...

You look awesome. In costume, yes, but also just really healthy in general. Like, I can see the bones in your hands.