Friday, April 25, 2008

This girl is going places

Vivian is up past her bedtime
Originally uploaded by Handy Crafts

Please pay no attention to the dust under my entertainment center. But I need to, because, all of a sudden, Vivian is VERY mobile. So dust under the entertainment center sometimes becomes dust in her mouth. She took a pretty long time to learn to crawl (she preferred rolling), but this week, it's been like a light switch was flipped in her head, and now she is crawling everywhere FAST.

Yesterday, she started standing up by pushing on Richard and I when we sit next to her on the floor. Standing. Standing!

Richard and I are now in panic mode over baby-proofing. I want to concentrate on going over the living room and her bedroom and starting first on the things that could result in death. Then we'll move on to those things that could just hurt. It's all about priorities.


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