Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's alive!

Yes, I'm alive. I haven't been blogging much because when I went on vacation, I just got out of the habit. And everyday, I'd think about blogging, but wouldn't know where or when to begin, so then I would just put it off entirely.

But I'm back, so, moving on...

I haven't been writing, but I have been crafting. While up in Tahoe, i think I caught a bug. The sock bug.

For years, i just didn't understand the sock knitting thing. People are obsessed with knitting socks. The patterns seem to dominate some knitting magazines, and I didn't get it. I live in sunny Southern California, where I only need to wear socks maybe 2 months out of the year. And I had an aversion to small needles. I liked fast and funky projects that were very wearable. Who wears wool socks in Los Angeles?

But then a friend made me a beautiful pair of knit socks in a gorgeous pumpkin orange and brown yarn. And then another friend gave me a pair that she had knit but didn't fit her. And those wool socks were... comfortable. And warm when I wanted them to be warm, and yet airy and breathable when I was hot.

So I understood the desire to have hand knitted socks, but I wasn't sure I wanted to put the time into making them. It seemed tedious. I tried crocheting socks, to see if that would make the project go faster, but I got 3/4 of the way done with the first sock and then got distracted. It wasn't until I was packing for Tahoe and grabbed the neglected project bag "just in case" I finished the sweater I was working on.

Here's a newsflash: a big project bag with a half-finished wool sweater is not what you want to be taking to the beach. Or pulling out to work on in the car. Or shoving into your purse before heading over to a friend's house.

The sweater is still half-finished. But the socks? I managed to finish those on the drive home.

I've already started on my first pair of knitted socks. They are fun and very portable -- the project bag, including the magazine with the pattern, fits into my purse no problem. While I wouldn't say I'm obsessed yet, I think I definitely understand the attraction to sock knitting.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Birthday Roundup

I am happy to report that Vivian thoroughly enjoyed her birthday activities. On Sunday, we took her to Griffith Park to ride the train. When the train pulled into the station, she got so excited, I thought she would burst!

After the train ride, we took her over to the ponies. I wasn't sure she was big enough, but there were plenty of kids smaller, so we couldn't refuse her. She was in heaven.

There was a larger pony track where the ponies walk around untethered, and Viv was so excited that, once again, we couldn't say no.

She looks so big, I almost cried. Well, then she DID cry when the ride was over. A lot. Cried.

At least until we bought her a pinwheel. Simple tastes.

On Monday, her actual birthday, we gave her two of her presents (her big present is saved until her party this Sunday). The first was a toddler-sized broom, which she promptly used to sweep up the living room (not really, but wouldn't that be awesome?). The second, was Dino.

I made Dino for Viv and am happy to say that she loves him. She takes him to bed every night and is intrigued by his nose and belly button. I'm so happy that she actually likes something I made for her -- it's kind of a rare feeling!

We're leaving for Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning and will be up there for nine days. I can't wait to smell the pine trees and relax on a beach.

Happy Fourth of July!