Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Crochet Fame!

The new issue of Crochet Me is up (it was probably up yesterday, but I've been in work-induced fog and forgot to look), and included is my sister's Hippy Vest Pattern! I'm so proud!

Enough about her -- this post is really about how this is all reflected glory for me. If you notice, she mentions me briefly in the "about Jennifer" section: "My older sister taught me when I was bored on a Super-Bowl Sunday and I’ve been “hooked” ever since." That's me! I'm the older sister! (and, btw, the somewhat flowery description of the vest at the top is me, too. Jenny called me for help while I was at the WeHo SnB and I'd had a glass of wine or two.) Ooh, and I took the picture of her in the "About Jennifer" section -- in Nashville on our tour of Tennessee last year.

Ok, this really isn't all about me. I'm really very proud of Jenny. She has taken something I've talked about for a long time and she's actually done it -- she has written her own patterns and she's gotten them published. And she's inspired me to actually do some of the things I've talked about. The article I'm writing for the next issue of Crochet Me would never have happened if not for Jenny (ok, so she prefers Jennifer, but I'm family and I've been calling her Jenny since she was born, so I think I get grandfathered in). So a big congratulations go out to Jenny. I knew she could do it!


Julie said...

wow, I didn't know this was your sister. her pattern was very well written and it's great to see clothing items in CM!
Julie in Seattle

Julie said...
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L.A. Ell said...


Wow! Love your sister's hippy vest! I'm also quite fond of all of the spike stitch patterns...clutch purse!

Ellen in Los Angeles

Sara said...

ok, the "comment deleted" was just because Julie's comment posted twice. I didn't know it would leave a scary "posting removed by administrator" note.

Mel said...

Hooray for Jen! I'm going to have to get you to write up my copy if my dream of getting a pattern published (somewhere other than my own blog that is) ever comes true, the writing was great!