Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's done!

So, it could probably benefit from a nice blocking session, but did that keep me from wearing it to work today? Of course not. What am I talking about? Why, it's the Japanese Sunburst Tank!

Yes, it's actually finished! One of those projects that was rescued from the depths of the UFO pile. It can happen. It was one of those projects that I loved, and always intended to get back to, but Christmas and the Baseball sweater intervened. But last weekend, when my hands were cramping from too much knitting, I decided to stay productive and just switch crafts for a time. I didn't necessarily want to start a new project, so I looked around and saw the Sunburst tank, looking forlorn in the corner.

It actually didn't need that much work to finish it, so I was done in a total of four hours over two nights. It's kind of nice to be able to take one project off the UFO list and add to the finished list!

As for SnB, I've been MIA for the last week, and won't make it out tonight, either. We've been looking at lots of apartments lately, and our appointments always seem to be on Tuesday or Thursday nights. And tonight, since it's the night before Richard's birthday, we're going out to see a Replacements cover band at a local bar. So, the next time I'll get some good girl time is next Tuesday. At least I have Stitches West to look forward to in a few weeks. I'm not taking any classes, but the Marketplace is always very inspiring (i.e., I end up buying a lot of yarn!). And this year, it looks like I'll be working one afternoon at the Stitch Diva booth. Jennifer Hansen (the fab Stitch Diva, herself) is a friend of my sister's, and since she's teaching classes the whole weekend, she needs help. I love her designs, and it will provide me an excuse to wear my version of her Gatsby Cloche. I can't wait!


Mel said...

As always, it turned out fabulous!

Catherine_G said...

Just gorgeous! You never cease to amaze or inspire me.

miss kendra said...

it's so pretty!

(missed you last night)

Sedie said...

Very nice job! It looks great on you.

Ellen Bloom said...

Sara!!! The Sunburst Tank is amazing! It's so Japanese and cool looking! We have missed you at the WeHo SnB. I'm glad to know that you'll be at Stitches West. So will I...we must connect there!