Friday, June 17, 2005

crap, but at least there is SnB

I have been having a crappy week. Nothing dramatic, but let's just say the work situation, which has been going rather well, has been a bit bumpy as of late. The important thing I've tried to hold on to is to breathe in and breathe out and try not to cry in front of people. It's just hard when you feel like you're giving your all, but no matter how hard you work, because you don't play the political ass-kissing game, that you'll never be rewarded. (although the question of giving my all I guess could be raised since, well, I'm updating my blog at 9:30 in the morning on a Friday).

SnB has gotten me through this week. Both Tuesday and Thursday I went home and crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head. I would have stayed there all night and wallowed in my own misery if I hadn't had SnB meetings to go to. Because even if all I do is quietly sit in a corner and knit, just going and listening to laughter makes me feel better. It maybe doesn't solve the root situation, but it definitely helps.

So, the phrase that pays from last night's WeHo SnB is : Eunuch Hats.

Ok, so maybe that needs a bit of explaining. Faith made this gorgeous knit hat from a variegated wool (kind of looked like Noro) that she said she made with a German yarn called Unikat. Across the table and across many other conversations, Gwen thought she said "eunuch hats." It was very funny at the time. Maybe it was funnier not explained.


L.A. Ell said...

Sara Dear!
Who knew you were depressed? You always look soooo cheerful, sitting in the corner, crocheting and knitting away! I think it must have been the rose-colored ribbon you were knitting at the SnB last night....a very cheerful color! Don't stress about the job thing so're young...things will eventually work out. When I start to fret, my DH always tells me, "hey, you've got a roof over your head and food in the fridge...lighten up!" He's so right.

Looking forward to the crack brownies on Saturday...yumm!!!!

laurie said...

Sara, I'm sorry you're having a crappy week at work and the political thing? I am so bad at it, too. I just don't kin well to ass-kissing, unless it's a great ass on a great person, and then they usually don't need me to kiss it. heh heh.

I am so sorry I missed snb! My week is wonky, too, I was sick, then I had to go into work anyway, and maybe my boss is trying to kill me? Hmmmm.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Bring your knitting/crocheting if you want! We can recreate snb on the patio LOL.