Wednesday, June 15, 2005

yet another project

Ok, now that my friend, Christa's wedding is over, I feel the need to begin a new project. I still have a bunch of unfinished things, but, you know... I get bored. I'm like a cat -- easily distracted by shiny objects (or in this case, fuzzy, colorful objects... like yarn).

But, as part of my Stash Reduction Objective, I am using some cute pink & metallic red Dive yarn that I purchased at a Yarn Lady sale a year ago. I'm making this:

It's for my friend, Allison's birthday. She's pregnant, but I figure she'll get a lot of baby stuff, and every mother I know needs something pretty for herself. Plus, it's a shrug, so no wacky closures over bellies.

If anyone is interested in knitting this shrug along with me, the pattern is posted in the right-hand column. The sizing is as follows: 12 (bust: 30-31"), 14 (bust: 32-33"), and 16 (bust: 34-35"). Not very big, I'll give you. Luckily, Allison is very small, so even with maternity's gift (ie, bigger boobs), a large should fit, no problem. As I work on this, I'll report if the size is true.

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