Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yay! Pepto-Bismol!

Why are all home-based daycare centers painted Pepto pink? Is it to signal "hey! We're fun and love children!"? Because all it says to me is "hey! We're colorblind and/or hate our neighbors!"

In the ongoing quest to find quality daycare in Hollywood, we found a center today that could work for us. It seemed a bit sketchy in front (peeling Pepto pink paint), but out back and inside it seemed well organized and clean. The kids all seemed happy and engaged, and the staff seemed knowledgeable. AND they didn't laugh at me when I said we needed an infant spot starting in October (as opposed to the last center we visited which told me they had a 6 month to a year waiting list -- so I should have signed up before I got pregnant). So I need to call tomorrow to speak with the owner to get on the list. We feel good that maybe Vivian will actually have a daycare center by the time I go back to work.

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