Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

I must be getting old, because the weekend drive up to San Jose on Friday and back on Monday just about killed me. I am officially exhausted.

On Saturday, I worked at the Stitch Diva booth at Stitches West. 6 hours, on my feet, on a concrete floor. I barely had time to think, much less eat or drink. I did get to see Ellen and Rhonda while I was up there, and that was nice. I also left the booth with much swag:

Banana fiber/sari silk yarn
turquoise banana fiber yarnHand-carved circulars in size 19 & 35
Fun Stitch Diva patterns

So, not a bad haul for only 6 hours of work. But the downside was that I was really too tired to do much exploring of the other booths. I did manage to buy a couple of things (I couldn't go away without spending some cash!).

Blue Moon "Kork" rayon yarn
Blue Moon Yarn

Tootsie P baby loopy mohair
Tootsie P yarn

The Tootsie P yarn is the same type I used on the Interweave Mohair Cowlneck sweater, which I loved. This skein has less yardage (only 750), but for only $26, how can you beat that?

Later Saturday night, I was able to visit with Allsion & Iggy and Baby Maggie. She's looking a bit tired here, but oh so cute.

Sara & baby Maggie2

And so I'll end this post with one more adorable baby photo.

Such a cutie

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Catherine_G said...

Say, I bought new yarn tonight! Lots of it! Not like I didn't have enough yarn to sink a ship already, but how could I not buy anything when Knit Cafe's giving a 30% discount on all yarn in the store (save for some special brands)?

With the way I buy yarn like it's going out of style, I believe I'm in great need of a knitervention. Save me, Sara! ;)

Cute Baby Maggie photos! I feel compelled to post a shot of my lovely niece, Claire...if her mom will let me, that is.