Thursday, February 16, 2006

Photo post

Ok, so these are some waaaay overdue photos of projects past. Sorry for the crap color -- these are from a crap disposable camera. I'm awaiting the delivery of my new camera, literally any minute.

This is Richard modeling the latest is age-inappropriate chapeaus. Truth be told, he is graciously posing with the Baby Derby Hat that I mad
e for Baby Maggie (from the fab pattern by Ellen, available on
And here is the long-promised photo of my crocheted cardigan in Berroco Foliage. I love it -- it's fun and warm, but because Foliage is spun so loosely, it pills a lot.
And this is the Anthropologie-esque crocheted wrap I made for my mom for Christmas. I'm really pleased with how it looks. I'm planning on making myself one soon.

And, well, just because I can't refuse a perfectly adorable cat with yarn photo, here is Deano, majestically atop my crochet hook case.


Catherine_G said...

I love all of your projects! Everything is gorgeous. Have I mentioned how much I covet your Anthropologie-inspired wrap? Because, seriously.

And the picture of Richard in the wee little hat makes me laugh. Hee.

barbara said...

Hi Sara,

I found your blog through your article/submission on Crochet Me. You do beautiful, beautiful work.

I'm not up on my "netiquette" and a newbie in the crafty/yarn arts world, so if this is rude or inappropriate, I apologize in advance:

Did you create the patterns for the Anthropolgie-esque wrap and your "Foliage" cardigan, or could I get those patterns somewhere? Are they really difficult?

THanks for any info you provide. And big congratulations on the move!

barbara said...

p.s. Deano is quite a cutey!