Monday, September 19, 2005

Busy as a bee. Bee-like.

Back from lovely and scenic Dallas, where it was hot and muggy (not that I saw much of it, other than the inside of the hotel). My flight there on Thursday was atrocious -- supposed to leave at 12:40 p.m., we sat in the plane, on the runway for an hour and a half, then they announced that those of us with connecting flights should get off the plane and on to another. I did, and after that flight and a later connecting flight, I got into Dallas at about 10 p.m., only to find that my luggage did not make it. So, armed only with my purse, knitting bag, and the Continental airlines toiletries kit, I finally made it to the hotel. My luggage did eventually get in to the hotel around 12 p.m., so I could finally take off the jeans and flip flops that made me feel a bit out of place at the conference.

While in Dallas, I started the Stitch Diva Slinky Fitted Shrug with bamboo yarn from Habu Textiles and pailette sequins. I'd never worked with sequins in crochet before, but it wasn't that difficult to master. But after about 5 rows, I looked at it, and just didn't like it. It's not the pattern, which is great, and relatively easy to follow. But I'd had this idea of the "Dolly Parton" sweater, a green, crocheted, short-sleeved, fitted cardigan with sequins that Dolly wore in the movei "9 to 5" and that I saw in person at Dollywood. And this just wasn't it. I think the biggest problem was that the sequins are too big and the yarn the wrong color of green. So I'm bummed that it didn't work out, especially because I've been thinking about this sweater ever since we went to Tennessee last year. But my sister Jenny said something true when she mentioned that it's better to discover you don't like a project after only 5 rows than after 50. Plus, now sequined shrugs are everywhere, even Forever 21, so what's the point of making something that is the current trend? I want to be ahead of the curve, not behind it. So I'll wait till the trend is over, then do it my way, so it will be retro.

I've found another web site to drool over, and make total impulse purchases from, at least for those people who, like myself, love to sew garments, but think that most pattern companies don't make patterns that are fashion-forward. Hot Patterns is a company that wants to right that wrong. Here's their company description from their website: "unique and exclusive high fashion dressmaking patterns designed for fashion obsessed sewers and dressmaking divas." And get this, their patterns are sized from 6 to 26 -- bust sizes from 32" to 53" -- every pattern! So here's what I've ordered:
1. Artful Dodger Purity Blouse
2. Pirate Queen Peacoat
3. Shanghai Tunic
4. BoHo De-Luxe Peasant Tops
5. Denim Diva Wrapture Jacket
6. Plain & Simple Classic Bootcut Pants

I wanted to buy just about everything on the site, but I struggled to keep my expenditures somewhat reasonable (<$100). These new patterns won't be shipped until 9/30, and then the site says allow 14 days for shipping (it's free, I won't bitch), so they should be waiting for me when I get back from vacation (Sata Fe & Taos! Oct. 8-15!).
Along with my skull cupcake tins!


Allison said...

Thanks so much for posting this website! I did not know about it and have found a new diversion.

Ellen Bloom said...

Updates! We need internets updates!

Hilari said...

thanks for the hip tip on hot patterns! I love that last shirt!