Thursday, August 18, 2005

and victory is ours!

That's right, victory. Don Rickles with a Chainsaw won our first kickball game of the season last night. 4-2 over a more experienced team (aptly named "Armed & Hammered"), and guess who made the game-winning catch? Me. I was more surprised than anyone when the long line drive came right to me (I was playing third base) and I caught it and held it. It was a great feeling, especially when team members hugged me and slapped me (in a good way) and even the other team's members kept saying "great catch!"

It was a great game, for reasons other than my own ego boosting. Our team communicated on the field, we had a good time and no own went out of their way to be an ass hat. Armed & Hammered are a good bunch of people, so it was an out and out good game. Next week we play the Pregnant Cheerleaders, which is another good group of people, so it should be fun, win or lose.

On the crafty front, I'm being remarkably focused on the mohair sweater. Normally, I'm a project jumper -- I keep switching projects because I get bored if I stay with one for too long. But this sweater is a big project and I'm afraid if I'm not focused, I'll never finish it. But I have a lot of ideas swirling in my head. I bought 4 balls of Berrocco Foliage from Allison of SuperCrafty, and I want to make a crocheted sweater vest with that and the three skeins of Classic Elite Gatsby I have in chai latte. The Foliage is so super soft and the colors so eye catching. I should be finishing the Japanese Sunburst tank, which is almost complete. And I
need to frog part of the Rowan "Cannes" tank top so that I can finish it correctly. And there is the green & brown Sweater Girl sweater. Ooh, and Christmas is fast approaching (at least for crafty people who make their gifts), so I have 4 skeins of Lamb's Pride waiting to be turned into felted purses. And, the big project: I told Richard that I would make him a sweater for Christmas.
What was I thinking? Isn't the boyfriend sweater the kiss of death? Well, 1. He's my husband, not my boyfriend, and 2. We're coming up on our 3rd wedding anniversary (in November) and our 12th anniversary of being together (in December). I'm hoping that's enough time for the curse to have worn off. So, the sweater is going to be his big Christmas present (he already knows, so I'm not spoiling anything here). I need to get an early start on it, as not only is it a big project in general, but it has cables up the sleeves, which I've never done before (never done cables period). But it's all part of improving my skill sets, which, way back in January, Faith & I decided would be our New Year's resolution. I haven't done socks yet, but maybe after Christmas.


mel said...

Nice pattern choice! Don't sweat the cables, they're easier than they seem. I don't even use a cable needle, just any old double point or other pokey object lying around. If you get stuck, I can help. :)

Julia said...

Go Sara!! Go Don Rickles with a Chainsaw! Next week you'll send those Pregnant Cheerleaders back to high school! ;)

Ellen B. said...

Don't worry about the "boyfriend curse." It doesn't apply to husbands (unless he's Mr. X). I made Larry a great eggplant mohair last winter...he loves it and he loves me!

I'll help you with the cables...not difficult. Have fun at camp. We'll miss you!

The Seraphina Queen