Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Picture page, a picture page

Aha! I have finally uploaded some photos, so now I'll throw them at you all at once!

First and foremost, some photos of my lovely Deano. He was meant to be a model -- anytime I break out the camera, he looks right at the camera and poses. He actually waits to move until he sees the flash!

Even when he's not feeling well, he is pretty darn adorable. Actually, he's probably cuter when he's sick because he just wants to be around me because otherwise Doyle just wants to attack him.

Ok, you're probably bored of the cat photos by now, but I had to post one more. Non cat people probably think I anthropamorphize (sp?) my animals, but doesn't Deano look like he is so over the whole photo thing?

Ok, on to other, more crafty shots. Here is a photo of Allison in her Spinnerin shrug up in Tahoe. Isn't she cute? I know she doesn't feel cute right now, but I think she looks adorable,

And here is the Seraphina shawl the day we left Tahoe (note the scary duck quilt -- gives me shivers just thinking of it).

And this is the Japanese sunburst tank. It's turning out nicer than I thought it would and it was super quick -- I did all of this Sunday. Doing this tank has really helped me realize how flexible crochet is for creating beautiful garments. I mean, I've crocheted for years now, but this is the first piece I've made using draping techniques (I started by following the pattern chart, but then made drastic changes to make it work for the yarn I chose and my body, which is very different from the teeny Japanese models).


L.A. Ell said...

The Japanese Sun Tank is incredible!!! Wow! Bring that pattern to the WeHo SnB so we can all see it. Oh yeah, bring your tank too! Faboo! I want to learn how to drape in crochet!

Mary-Heather said...

Um, your tank? Is amazing. Holy cow. That ROCKS. You always do the most inspiring things!

Mel said...

You have really out done yourself with this one Sara, that is stunning! I think it's the most amazing thing I've seen you make so far, and you've made some pretty cool stuff.


spinnity said...

Sweet Sun Tank! wow, really nice. Congratulations on stepping outside the box to do the draping! Your results look spectacular.

Julie said...

Wow. Great work! It was so great to meet you at the WeHo SnB the other night. Now, I have a fantastic new blog to read. I am so envious of the Sun Burst Tank, it's really different and very cool.
Julie from Seattle

Faith said...

OMG - that sunburst tank is freakin' awesome Sara!!! Can't wait to see you tonight!