Tuesday, July 12, 2005

kitty update

For those of you concerned about Deano's health, he's now doing fine. $250 in vet bills to find out he was just constipated (doctor visit, x-rays, urinalysis, and enema). I can't begrudge it, because even "just being constipated" could have turned into something bigger and more complicated if it hadn't been treated, but the bad kitty mommy part of me still thinks, "there went that iPod I wanted..."

On the crafty front, Hi, my name is Sara, and I have a problem. I keep starting new projects before I finish the old ones. To be fair, I started the Japanese sunburst top because I figured that the Seraphina is easy to do while talking to others, so it's a good project to bring to SnB meetings. Now I've run out of the chocolate brown Goa (my sister Jenny is sending me a couple of balls from the store she works at, Knitting Arts in Saratoga), so I can't finish the back of the Japanese tank until it arrives. What to do?

Well, my good friend Allison (the recipient of the Spinnerin shrug), called yesterday to say that the doctor is pretty sure (although not 100% because the baby's foot was in the way during the ultrasound) that she is having a girl! As soon as I heard, I broke open the "Candy Babies" book (cutest crochet stuff for babies) and looked for stuff to make. I had to start immediately. So now, I'm about halfway done with the Party Princess baby sweater (using the pink Blue Sky Organic Cotton that I originally purchased for the Marc Jacobs imitation purse -- I guess some things are more important than fashion. OMG, did I really just type that? Who am I?) I can't wait to finish it. It's bright pink and will have lime green blanket stitch around all the edges and lime green tie front. And maybe I'll add a small white flower to the front lapel. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this is going to be so cute.

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Mel said...

Glad to hear Deano is ok! Can I join your Project Starters Anonymous group? I seem to suffer from the same problem. :)