Monday, January 25, 2010


Rarw (again)
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On Saturday, we took Viv to the Museum of Natural History. It's under considerable construction right now, so much of the museum is not open, but we still had a blast. The museum cafeteria is closed, so we had lunch at the Frysmith truck outside (sweet potato fries w/chicken, tamarind sauce, garlic & cheese--incredible!).

The main dinosaur exhibit is closed for major renovations (to open next year), but Viv still loved seeing the couple of dinosaurs that were visible. The museum has a fantastic life-size triceratops puppet that they use in a show a couple of times a day (also a T-Rex puppet, but we didn't see that one). Viv was super excited, even if she held my hands over her eyes for much of the show.

She was feeling a bit under the weather, so we left a bit early, but I think we'll definitely be back.

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Cory Ellen said...

We just got our family membership, which also gets us into the Page Museum. We should go together sometime! Last time we were there, the kids ran back and forth between two of the dioramas, shouting "Kuduuuuus! Hipppooooohs! Kuduuuuuus! Hippooooohs!"