Friday, March 13, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday - Leaving the Wedding in Go-Go Boots

This is my mom and dad leaving their wedding in 1971. Yes, my mother is actually wearing hot pants and white plastic go-go boots. According to her, she hated this outfit. Apparently my dad picked it out because he thought it was "hot."

Yeah, they're divorced.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Your Dad was right...Mom looks HAWT in this outfit! Great photo!

Anonymous said...

I love how they both have their hands in the same spot to not get blinded by the rice. Does your mom still have those boots? Sweet vintage share!

Shannon Hillinger said...

My Mom had a beehive and a minidress on her wedding, which she hated too. I don't think my Dad picked it out though.

Elizabeth said...

My mom's wedding dress was a minidress with blue emroidered flowers. HOT...but as hot as your mom's outfit.

I LOVE THIS. Especially since I know them.

geener said...

That was the style then. And your mother was hot. But I don't remember picking that outfit out. Correction I said your mother was hot, she's still hot.