Friday, September 19, 2008

A fortune for everyone

After the greasy Chinese food I had at lunch, I needed the palate-cleansing nothingness of the included fortune cookie. Here is what it said:

You are good-natured, practical and firm in your point of view.

Ok, it's not a fortune, but it's nice. I even thought it was pretty on-the-money. I'm an easy-going person, yet I believe I have my feet firmly rooted in reality. So, hey, my fortune cookie got it right?

And then I realized, who the heck doesn't that fortune apply to, at least in their own minds? I mean, who says, "well actually, I'm ill-tempered, impractical and wishy-washy?"

So instead of a real fortune, I got a sham platitude. I feel cheated.

Now I think I need a real cookie.


Katie said...

I do think your 'fortune' does ring true to you!

I love how fortune cookies are no longer written with fortunes (I have yet to see the future tense in a cookie recently...)

Maybe the fortune cookie industry got sued the same way the hot coffee cup people did? (I mean, couldn't you just picture someone suing a fortune cookie company because their fortune was wrong -- this is America, after all...)

Uccellina said...

We demand honesty in fortune cookies! Mine should read, "you are loud, insecure, and constantly dissatisfied with the state of your hair."