Tuesday, May 06, 2008

my crafty eyes are bigger than my... stomach?

I have a very good excuse for not posting in a bajillion days: time seems to slip through my hands. I've worked at two fundraising walks over the last two weekends, written media materials for a press conference this Wednesday, prepped a co-worker for a live radio interview. I've got another event in 2 weeks, and then I'm taking a break.

Despite the fact that my crafting time has shrunk of late, I keep adding to my list of projects to be completed. I keep buying yarn, including full bags of Berroco Love It, Queensland Collection Invito, and South West Trading Co. Bamboo. Great sales that I couldn't pass up, but when the heck am I going to use them? I still haven't made a dint in the yarn I bought at Stitches West. I have started on a vest using the Love It (Classic Elite's Vine Lace Vest), but my eyes are glazing over at the 4x4 ribbing.

There has been another crop of babies in the last few weeks. Please welcome Baby Spencer (born to parents Ryan & Sara), Campbell (daughter of Stephen and Lea, and little sister of James) and Jacob (baby #5 for Ben & Katie!). So the quilting continues! Here is my version of a Stacked Coin Quilt (mostly taken from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, but a bit improvised towards the end):

yes, that is my very messy desk. I told you I was busy.
And yes, that is a mini-fridge under my desk.
I use it so I don't have to keep pumped breast milk in the public fridge in the kitchen.
It just seems more private this way.

Richard picked out the fabrics, as he does for most of my quilting projects (he has a great eye for color). I'm starting on the next one already, an applique quilt - my favorite. Not as complex as the Pumpkin Quilt (still languishing unfinished), but it will hopefully be finished before the baby's 1st birthday.

I just have so many projects that I want to make: a couple of dresses of my own design for Vivian, a few simple tops for me, an Emmeline apron, any one of the several Stitch Diva patterns I have in my collection. And that's not counting those projects started but not finished: my Victoria Bolero, my Crochet Mesh Jacket, my Juliet Sweater (which really just needs to be blocked and have the buttons sewn on).

Grr. Why aren't there enough hours in the day? Why are my crafty eyes bigger than my crafty stomach?


Annika said...

Oh, man. My list of languishing WIPs is so long I'm not sure I can find the end.

Katie said...

It's amazing how much you craft considering you are a mom and working full time!

I love your quilts. The colors of this one are so wonderful, they remind me of a spring morning...

Anonymous said...
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