Monday, March 19, 2007

Stuff & Nonsense

Absolutely no rhyme or reason to this post, just an update so you (my faithful readers) don't assume I have fallen into the abyss.

The Awesome Helicopter Ninja
Fanclub is officially open for business. You know you want to.

Progress on Pumpkin's quilt is coming along.
Deano has decided that, since Pumpkin isn't here yet, he might as well break it in. The appliques are all sewn on, so now the actual quilting can begin, except that I seem to have misplaced the fabric I cut for the backing. So it's back to the fabric store I go.

Progress on Pumpkin is coming along, too. I'm almost 20 weeks along, and on Wednesday morning, we get to have another ultrasound and hopefully get a gender confirmation. I'm excited, but there is a kernel of fear, too. I just have to concentrate on all the kicks Pumpkin is giving me to keep me upbeat.

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