Friday, May 26, 2006

Proud to be a Californian

It's nice to be first.

California Leads in Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies

Ok, so the public education system here may not be so hot, but at least students here attending sex ed classes "learn medically accurate lessons about both abstinence and contraception." Because as we know, abstinence-only sex ed is worthless. So way to go CA!

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mel said...

You just keep reading my mind. I was thinking of blogging about this myself today. :)

I think what gets me so upset about these anti-contraception/abstinence only programs is that they don't prepare you for reality. I mean, lets go so far as to say you meet their ideals and you wait until you're married to have sex. Then what?

If you've never learned about birth control I guess you'll just keep popping out babies. Married couples need contraception just as much as the unmarried, so please teach our kids about the choices out there instead of misinforming them!