Thursday, April 27, 2006

Creative Juices are Flowing

Yes, I actually cast on for a new project last night. Mother's Day is coming up, and while my gifts for my mom are good to go, I didn't have anything yet for my grandmother. So, based on recommendations from Tuesday SnB (thanks Theresa!), I cast on for Tie One On, with some yummy mohair that I found on ages ago (K1C2 Mousse in a dark & moody black, blue & indigo colorway). I'm doing the mellow green version, so it's all garter stitch -- hopefully I can get it done in time to send it off before May 14 and I don't have to remember where I am in a stitch pattern. I'm using size 13 needles, although since I knit combination style, it's really tight, so it's more the equivalent of size 11s. It's going quickly, so I'm optimistic.

I think I was in a good mood last night because a) Richard comes home late tonight, and b) I had a doctor's appointment last night where I didn't get chastized about my weight or my poor intake of water! Hurrah! Everything seemed normal, which is good. I had to give blood, which is always a pain as I have really narrow veins, but it's for an AFP test, which screens for neural tube defects, Down's syndrome, etc. A bit scary, but I'm trying not to think about it. But on the positive side, next Wednesday, I get to schedule my level 2 ultrasound to find out (among other things) Figgy's gender! So sometime next month, we will know whether it's Fignacio or Figoberta. It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time, as most of this pregnancy has been.


mel said...

Hooray! I'm so glad Figgy will have a known gender soon. My needles are twitching over here and I may have my hands on some conviently nice yarn for Figoberta. However, if it is Fignacio in there I'll just have to go buy some new yarn. I'm telling you, it's so rough being an expecting 'auntie'. ;)

I'm really happy you're feeling so much better too!

teresa said...

Glad I could help, and happy to hear about the positive doctor's appointment!

Catherine said...

Yay to you feeling better! I'm so glad.

Fignacio is an awesome name, as is Figoberta. When Figgy is born, take him or her to Vignes Street and take a picture under the sign. :)

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Yah for good moods. Yay for prenatal appts that don't make you feel like a total child abuser. Yay for the Figmeister!!!

Mary Magdalene (AKA Teresa) said...

hey! so i just started using this site and i found your blog, its good to hear things are going well. love you.
ps morgen says hi!