Friday, March 03, 2006

I got your stinkin' pictures right here

Ok, because some people (i.e. Grant) want to see photos of a fine apartment filled with boxes, I give you (drum roll please)... The Photo Tour of a Box-Filled Apartment!

The Living Room!

The Dining Room! (complete with turtle tank, which will be moved eventually, because I'm not sure that's really hygenic)

The beautiful Closet of Craft! A lovely walk-in that houses my sewing & yarn paraphernalia.

The Kitchen, complete with refrigerator tha we actually own!

The Bedroom (in which the bed is already unmade)

The 2nd Bedroom, which is temporarily being used as the cat room, because everywhere else is covered in boxes.

The fantastic new leather Recliner! ! 1960s vintage Ekornes "Stressless" chair in seafoam.

The fab & swinging loveseat -- Goodwill style!

I am so happy to have the new apartment, even if the act of moving and living out of boxes is stressful. I guess that's what the stress-less recliner is for. But seriously, this place makes me feel like I'm a grown-up. And yet, I want to jump up and down on the bed for joy. Discuss.


Grant said...

Nice photos! I'm pretty sure I saw that couch on an episode of "Three's Company" - Larry tripped over it. Hilarity.

Seriously, It looks lovely. Congrats again.

mel said...

It's fabulous! I really envy your most lovely Closet of Craft. :)

Catherine_G said...

Loving the Walk-In Closet of Craftiness! Everything else looks good, too. ;)

miss kendra said...

i love the closet and couchyness!