Friday, October 21, 2005

too pooped to pop

I feel like I've been on a constant roller coaster of activity ever since Camp, back at the end of August. I was in Dallas for work for 3 days, then on the CA coast for 9 days working on our bike tour, then on vacation for a week, and now, finally back in the office and I'm swamped with work that had been put off for so long because I was traveling.

I forgot my dad's birthday (he had to remind me a couple of days later -- that's always nice), I forgot to call my mom on her birthday (although luckily, after the mess with my dad, I ordered a present & card online which got to her on her birthday, so it's not like I really forgot). I even forgot a friend's birthday back in August, and still haven't mailed her a gift (I'll see her this weekend, and can give it to her then, but still...).

I haven't started making my Halloween costume. I bought the fabric, but no wig, and I haven't even started sewing.

I did finish the blanket for Miss Margaret Allison, which is a good thing, because as I type this,
SHE IS BEING BORN RIGHT NOW! 4 weeks early. Allison's shower was supposed to be tomorrow, but, obviously, that's not going to happen. Rich & I are still going to drive up tonight to see friends and family, and maybe, if everything goes well, get to see Allison, Iggy & baby for a bit on Sunday.

On the craftiness front, I've started a new sweater: Silk cardigan from Knitscene.
Of course, I'm not using silk, because I can never be bothered to actually use the yarn the pattern is written for. I'm using some Suss Twinkle (I think that was the name) that I picked up on sale for $3 a skein. Also, I'm procrastinating on starting Richard's Christmas sweater. I need to start that so I have a remote chance of actually finishing it by the end of the year. Ooh, also, I want to make socks. I picked up two skeins of Koigu at the summer yard sale I participated in with Faith & Laurie, so I really want to make these socks from the fall issue of Knitty. But they'll have to wait until after the holidays. That's frightening. It isn't even Halloween yet, and I'm already saying, "after the holidays."

I feel like I've been neglecting crochet a bit. The whole discovery of combination knitting, and the completion of the cowl-neck sweater just got me pumped about knitting. While we were on vacaction, I did work on a crocheted shrug made from Berroco Foliage. It's coming out nicely, but I ran out of yarn, so I need to get some more from SuperCrafty. Will post photos when it's done.

I know some of the WIPs on the right have been there for a while, so I'm going to admit defeat and move some off that are just not actually in progress anymore.

And just to add some more color to this page, here are some vacation pics, in case you're interested:

Me & Richard at Bandolier National Monument.

My sister Jenny & I at Bandolier. Yes, we actually brought costumes in with us.

What can I say? At least we have interesting vacation photos...


Ellen Bloom said...

I love that you brought costumes to the cliff tops. You are too cool. Happy upcoming b-day! Even though you forget b-days, I wouldn't want anyone to forget yours!!!

mel said...

I love the costumes! It just reminds me why I miss you guys so much. Try and squeeze us in this weekend if you get a chance and give the new parents our congrats when you see them. :)