Tuesday, August 09, 2005

just breathe

ok, the whirlwind is over, for now at least. Work has been crazy of late, but now one of my major work projects is completed (we'll find out whether it's approved later this month, but at this point, that is almost secondary), so I can take a bit of a breather.

I found the work camera. I thought I had lost it, and was trying to come up with convincing excuses why we had to buy a new camera, but I found it in a bag of yarn. Why it was in the yarn, I don't know, but that's not important.

So a few photos to give some project updates:

1. Finished Baby Camo Vest
I think I need to purchase a baby/child dress form, so that I can create my own baby patterns. Most of the patterns that are readily available just aren't very cute, and I just know I could come up with better stuff, but having no children available for trying things on, I need a substitute.

2. Seraphina Shawl
The colors are a little washed out in this photo, but it is almost done. The stumbling block is the row in which I'm carrying this frindgey metallic yarn -- pain in the ass to crochet with. I do a little at a time and then it bugs me, so I put it down. Hopefully I'll finish it when it gets a bit cooler -- it's hard to work up the nerve to crochet a big wool shawl when it's 90 degrees and 83% humidity (WUWT? This is LA -- we're not supposed to have humidity like this! Ick.)

3. Interweave cowl-neck sweater
As you can see, the progress is a bit limited. I am not exactly the world's fastest knitter, and I do have multiple projects going at the same time, but I figure I'll get some quality knitting time up at camp (between activities and after the kids have gone to bed -- ha!). But I love love love this yarn. It's so beautiful. I hope to finish this in time to get some good use this fall/winter.

I'm also making some good progress on the back of the Japanese Sunburst tank. Hopefully, it will be finished soon enough to get some good warm weather use out of it.


KarmaCake said...

You have rekindled my desire to knit again.

I thank you which is the opposite to what my loved ones would do!

tee hee!

Ellen B. said...

You're doing so well on finishing up all those projects, Ms. Sara! Love the baby vest. Also, my beloved Seraphina is divine. Is that an electric bass I see in the corner of that photo? Who's the musician?

Sara said...

It is an electric bass -- not mine. Richard is the musician in the family. Mostly bass and guitar, although he played tuba in high school and he does own a lap guitar and mandolin, although I don't think he really plays those.

General Ginger said...

Wow, I'm especially inspired by Seraphina. Lovely!

mel said...

Mmm, yarn envy. Where can I find some of that luscious mohair?

Sara said...

The mohair was a Fiber Arts Market purchase. I'll see if I can find the card of the company.