Thursday, July 21, 2005

Insomnia sucks. Tylenol PM, which has been such a friend to me in past experiences, is letting me down. Tuesday night, it seemed to help, but not last night. I finally fell asleep sometime around 2:30 a.m., and the Deano decided to start whining loudly in our bedroom around 5:00 a.m. I fell back asleep until the alarm went off at 7:30. I know some people have a hard time staying asleep, but that's not the biggest issue for me (Deano not withstanding). For me, it's the difficulty in getting to sleep that is driving me slowly insane.

Other than the insomnia, I'm doing pretty well. I'm heading up to San Jose tomorrow to see my old dance studio's recital. My friends Carrie, Christa & Allison still teach there, and since I didn't get to see much of them in Tahoe (especially since Carrie didn't go), and I have a free weekend, I decided to head up there. While there, I'll check out the Fiberarts Market (
sponsored by TKGA and CGOA) in Oakland. My sister Jenny is going to be working the show for the Stitch Diva, whom she knows through the store she works at. Not that I need more yarn, but Lisa Souza Knits is going to be there, and I love the yarn I bought from her at the last shows, and I need more if I'm going to actually make the hippy-inspired cardigan.

Also, this weekend I will be able to give Allison & Iggy the Pretty Princess cardigan for Miss Margaret Allison. The colors (especially the green) aren't exactly true in the photo, but you get the idea. I've knit & crocheted blankets before and I've sewn baby clothes, but this is my first crocheted baby wear item.

My second baby wear item, the knit sweater from Rebecca, I ripped out. It just wasn't thrilling me anymore -- not because of the pattern, but because of the yarn I was using. I'm trying to go through stash yarn, and the combo I was using just wasn't working. So, instead of going to bed at a decent hour, I decided to work on the "denim" vest pattern from "Candy Babies." I'm using a cotton chenille in yellow, beige, brown & green that I made a lacy tank top from, and I have a beige fluffy GGH yarn ( I can't remember which one) for the edging. The color combo is turning out kind of camoflage-ish, so this vest will be for the baby of Rich's best friend, Stephen, who is expecting a boy (well, his wife is expecting... you know what I mean).

Got to run into a meeting now.


L.A. Ell said...

The pink baby cardigan is gorgeous! Nice work!

Faith said...

Hope you had a blast at Fiber Arts Market. I can't wait to see ALL of your finds!


BTW - still owe you some little helpers...I'll bring them on Tuesday.