Tuesday, June 21, 2005

why does work have to get in the way of knitting?

I am a rebel.

We have a big meeting at work with people from our national office, and I didn't wear a suit. Ha! It's a beautiful day in LA, the June gloom appears to finally have burned off, and I am not going to wear a suit for an internal meeting. Instead, I wore a turquoise colored top and a dirndl skirt that I made out of this fabulous vintage fabric (cream with an abstract "painting" of Central Park in turquoise, brown & green). Hmm, maybe if I wore suits, I'd get more "rewards," but I think I've decided that being true to my inner fabulousness is more important.

I am making one concession to the politicking thing -- I have to miss SnB tonight to go to a "Congratulations" dinner to celebrate our fundraising walk success. I'm hoping I can sneak out early and make it for the last hour or so tonight in Santa Monica, but we'll see.

On the shrug front, I am making progress, but this yarn is a bitch to see the stitch pattern. I've had to unknit a few rows already. I'm just about at the point where I need to cast on for the sleeves. I'll try to remember to post pictures of the progress soon. Our meetings are supposed to be all day tomorrow, so I may or may not be able to steal a moment to post. And what else is work for, if not for updating your blog?

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Sara said...

"inner fabulousness"...I love it! There is nothing wrong with taking a risk and standing out from everyone else!