Wednesday, June 08, 2005

First post

First posting, I'd better make it good.

Ok, intro. My name is Sara and I am a 29-year-old craft-a-holic. I do a lot of them. Whether I do them well, that's for someone else to decide.
  • Sewing -- almost 10 years
  • Jewelry (beads, not silversmithing) -- 10 years, off and on
  • Crocheting -- 2 years
  • Knitting -- 1 year
  • Decoupage -- 2 years
  • Other assorted crafts done on a per project basis (i.e., not done continually) -- mosaic, embroidery, upholstery
I've decided to start this blog to chronicle my life through my projects, since I do crafts rather than, oh say, cleaning my apartment or cooking or reading or other less expensive hobbies.

So, the current list of projects underway:
  1. Bridesmaid dress (fyi, I'm in a wedding this weekend -- I don't just work on expensive, ill-fitting dresses for the heck of it). Status: almost complete -- just need to reattach bow to back of dress.
  2. Crocheted shrug from 1955 "Smart Crochet" magazine (to wear to wedding). Status: almost complete (although it's been in this state for weeks). Just need to finish loop fringe.
  3. Embroidery piece for wedding present (to be framed). Status: almost complete -- just need to finish vines.
  4. Jewelry for sister (to wear to wedding). Status: almost complete -- just need to make earrings (necklace & bracelet already completed).
  5. Knitted tank top (Cannes pattern from Rowan Beach Cool book). Status: pissing me off. I finished the front, only to realize that, due to the quirky wording of Rowan patterns, the stockinette section is too short. So, I have two choices -- either rip out the top & all armhole shaping and keep knitting, or pick up stitches along the bottom and increase the size of the garter stitch border. I'm leaning towards the second choice (I know, I should just rip it out, but the yarn is raggy, and I'm afraid it won't rip out cleanly, and the yarn is discontinued, so I can't get more if I ruin it), but it makes me too mad to think about it right now.
  6. Green & brown crocheted sweater (based on pattern from 1952 "Smart Crochet" magazine, but changed because I don't have a 26" waist and 36" bust). Status: more than 1/2 done, but I haven't worked on it since before Christmas. It's mostly wool & mohair, so it's not exactly the type of project I want to work on in the summer, but I've spent so much money on the yarn that I can't let it go uncompleted like so many of my projects. So I'm writing this to remind me to finish it!
  7. Imitation of Marc Jacobs Spring 2005 granny square purse. Status: not working out the way I wanted it to. I was using a color combo of pink, green & white, but the pink was not the right shade, so I bought a brighter color and need to start over.
  8. Knitty "Tempting" ribbed off-the-shoulder sweater. Status: I'm bored. Rows & rows of 2x2 ribbing. I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way there, but I just don't know if I can go on.
Planned project that I have already purchased the materials for, but have not yet started.
  1. Crocheted starburst tank top (from Japanese pattern). A friend from Stitch n Bitch went to Japan in March and brought me back these fabulous knitting & crochet books. I don't read Japanese, but their patterns are written in graph form, so if you can figure out the initial symbols (that's what the internet is for), you can figure it out. This pattern is a cute tank that is worked from the top left shoulder in a radiating pattern. I bought some great cotton (Blue Sky Organic, GGH Goa) in a 70s harvest gold, dark brown & white. I can't wait to start this, but I need to finish some projects first.
  2. Sewn summer tops for sister Jenny. I have the materials and patterns, but I've only finished one, of an expected three.
  3. Sewn fancy dress for Jenny. Will get to it when I have time. I have to create this one without a pattern, so it will involve a lot of draping.
Yarn that I have purchased, but don't have projects for (these are just ones I can think of off the top of my head -- I've got more yarn than I know what to do with).
  1. 10 skeins of Noro "Gisha" ribbon yarn (discontinued). Brown/orange colorway. Purchased on ebay for $39.99. Practically free, and perfect for a summer project, but I don't know what yet.
  2. 10 skeins of Austermann "Candy" suede-like ribbon. Black/orange colorway. Purchased at Yarn Lady sale last year for 50% off. No idea what to do with it.
  3. 10 skeins of Trendsetter cotton/silk riboon yarn (can't remember name). Green/lilac spacedyed colorway. Purchased at Yarn Lady sale last year for 50% off. Will make fabulous summer tank, if I ever get to it.
  4. 10 skeins of Filatura di Crosa "Elena" wool/acrylic yarn. Taupe/peach colorway. Yarn Lady sale, again. No idea what to do with it.
  5. And so much more...
That's it for now. I'll post photos of the wedding related crafts after this weekend.


Mel said...

Hooray, you're blogging! Greetings from Luxor. :) I say you should consider using the Noro ribbon yarn for the X-back tank on Knitty. I just made one myself and it's quite nice for we busty lasses - comes up high on the arm holes and the straps are wide. I added 2" of extra length though. Just my 2 cents. See you in Tahoe!

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